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Replacement screening

I am very interested in the teardrop the biggest concern is the screen we have a mini aussie dog and we worry if he is in with us and hears something the screen will get ripped


Answer from Hillcrest Teardrop Campers:

Hi Byron,

We use heavy-duty pet-proof screenIt’s extremely durable, and made specifically to prevent the type of mishap you’re describing.

Hard cover TD

Do you make a TD with a hard roof or just the screened roof. 


Answer from Hillcrest Teardrop Campers:

Right now we just do the convertible with vinyl over screen, however we may consider doing hardtops in the future.  The convertibles have been very popular so far.

Thanks for your interest!  If you have any other questions, please let us know!

Brian’s Saturday Project: Teardrop Camper Bird House!

Our newest 4x8 Oak Convertible Teardrop Camper is ready to roll!  This one features external shore power outlet and aluminum skinned hatch.  Optional Air Conditioner is installed (or can be removed if you wish!)

Ready to roll now! $4495.  Email us for details or visit our website at wwww.teardrop-campers.com.

Our latest Woody Teardrop Camper!  Oak 4x8 with Air Conditioning!

We showed it at a local event last evening.  This fun little camper features a convertible roof, a futon mattress, and 5000 BTU Air Conditioner installed.

This camper is available for purchase.  We are in Canton, Georgia.


Our client, Amanda M, returned today with her Teardrop Camper, to have a custom storage box installed.  She brought Norabelle, her St. Bernard, with her.  Amanda has customized her camper, with a smaller mattress inside, with room for Norabelle beside her.  She also found some nice wicker baskets that fit on the interior storage shelf, perfectly snug, so they don’t move around.

She also added a Coca Cola bottle opener just under the galley hatch on the outside of the camper.  We love seeing how people personalize and customize their Teardrops!

We can build your Teardrop Camper!  www.teardrop-campers.com

Things have been busy around here, the last few weeks! 

Pictured above, are Michael and Brian, our Camper Craftsmen, with 2 of our Teardrop Trailers.

Pictured below, are Inge & Mary and Truffle, with their new Teardrop, which they’ve named, “The Truffle House”.

We’ve got several more campers in progress, follow us for updates! 

For more information about our hand-crafted Teardrop Campers, check out our website!


Our current project is a 4x8 Mahogany & Aromatic Cedar Convertible Teardrop Camper.  Here are a few photos of the build in progress.

We can build your teardrop camper!

Hillcrest Teardrop Campers, Canton, GA


Our 5x8 Hybrid Convertible Teardrop Camper with aluminum-skinned hatch is ready to roll!  It’s complete with air conditioning!

Hillcrest Teardrop Campers, Canton, GA


Our new 5x8 Hybrid Convertible Teardrop Camper is nearly complete!  We still need to finish the vinyl roof, but it is otherwise ready to go!

This model features a hatch door skinned with aluminum, a fold-down shelf/bunk, and air conditioning!

Hillcrest Teardrop Campers, Canton, GA